$120 million Raised in total so far
10+ Successful ICOs completed

A history that no other ICO platform can match

Coinfactory is the #1 ico platform in the market, battle-tested with more than ten ICOs already. It has hosted one of the fastest ICO in the world - raised $22 million over 3 days. The platform helped Accubits' clients raise over $120 Million USD in total. It also supports end to end customisation so that your ico platform would always look unique.

No technical expertise required

End-to-end customisation support

Supports ERC 20 & ERC 223 tokens

Enterprise grade support

Coins supported

We understand the investor preferences and so built the platform to support multiple payment options for a convenient token purchase.

Ico platform for tokensale for your ico campaign


Ico platform for tokensale for your ico campaign


Ico platform for tokensale for your ico campaign

Bitcoin cash

Ico platform for tokensale for your ico campaign

Ethereum Classic

Self hosted & Access to source code

Initial Coin Offerings (ICO) have been the subject of many controversies. So, when it comes to a building an ICO platform for it, we believe in ensuring complete transparency. Our ICO platform affords you end-to-end control by giving you unlimited access to the source code and by giving you the ability to host it in your own infrastructure. You can customise the ICO platform to suit your requirements and alter how it behaves. Yet another quality is that it can be easily integrated with your Wordpress website with a plugin and you don’t require much technical expertise to manage it.

Ico platform for tokensale for your ico campaign
Ico platform for tokensale for your ico campaign

No Transaction Costs & success fee

We created the ICO platform so that you make the most money out of it, not us. It is built in such a way that there are no hidden or otherwise transaction costs.That as a major design consideration, We started by creating a super-scalable node infrastructure that can handle any amount of traffic. Our ICO platform would directly interact with these nodes to conduct transactions on the ETH or BTC network and that effectively eliminates any extra transaction fees to third party vendors that host the node network.

Keeping ICOs Honest

While ICOs are an effective way to raise capital, it is also vulnerable to fraud. The rising number of scams makes it difficult for genuine and revolutionary ICOs to raise the money they rightly deserve. This was a key consideration for us when we designed our token sales platform and we have come up with something that can mitigate the risks that investors face. Our ICO platform can facilitate milestone based ICOs. Essentially, the funds raised would be distributed over various milestones only after the community approves it. We believe this model would renew faith in ICOs and you could raise money faster. This functionality can be enabled by the administrator of the ICO, if it is deemed appropriate.

Ico platform for tokensale for your ico campaign
Ico platform for tokensale for your ico campaign

Backed by the best in space

Coin Factory is maintained and backed by Accubits Technologies, one of the best companies in blockchain space. Pioneering as a custom Blockchain development and solutions provider delivering solutions ever since 2012, Accubits is one of the oldest and experienced Blockchain dev house in the market and is featured as one among the top 13 Blockchain companies in India by INC42. Accubits’ portfolio of Blockchain development includes custom DApps and smart contracts, crypto token and exchange development, integrated blockchain services, ICO platforms and custom solutions.

If you are looking for a team to help you with the entire ICO or blockchain development.

visit www.accubits.com


We have some insanely cool features which can make your ICO as robust as it can get. Following features ensures the best experience for your ICO investors

Social sign up

Sign up to the ICO platform using your social media accounts. The ICO platform currently supports sign up with Facebook, Linkedin, and Gmail


Your ICO can have investors from any corner of the world. That's why we built the ICO platform to support 13 languages to provide the best experience for the investors.

Current exchange rates

All purchase orders and transactions happens in current exchange rates so that the investors are assured to receive the exact tokens equivalent to what they spent.

Ability to set bonuses

Attract more investors with purchase bonuses. The ICO platform provides option to add multiple bonus programs and seamless bonus management


Grow the investor pool with catchy referral programs. The ICO platform provides the option to add referral programs to award the user who refers investors to the ICO campaign

Two factor authentication

We built the ICO platform with best in class security measures. Provide added layer of security to your investors with two factor authentication

Purchase with 4 different coins

Provide convenience to your investors with multiple purchase options. We've built the ICO platform to support BTC, ETH, BTG & ETC

Bounty program

Keep the community active and interactive with custom bounty programs. The ICO platform provides the option to add bounty programs to reward users for achievements

Integrated KYC

No need to depend on any third party for completing the KYC procedures for your ICO investors. The ICO platform has an easy to manage built in KYC module

Air Drop

Boost your community engagement with custom airdrop features of Coinfactory. Distribute​ free​ ​tokens to​ your​ ICO ​community based on criteria defined by you - be that investor to ​have​ ​coins from the relevant blockchain stored​ ​in​ their​ ​wallet or based on social media posts. Make the most out of airdrop to springboard your marketing campaign

Admin Features

Admin dashboard & reporting

We’ve built a beautiful and intuitive admin dashboard for you to seamlessly manage all programs and processes involved in your ICO campaign.

Custom funding plan

The platform supports custom funding plan for your ICO. Be that a capped token model, uncapped token model, hybrid model or even a custom model to fit your requirements.

Admin permissions and management

Easy to add sub admins, manage their permissions to handle different components in your ICO campaign.

Investor permissions and management

The ICO platform provides complete flexibility in user management from user blacklisting to managing user permissions

2-factor authentication

We built the ICO platform with best in class security measures. An added layer of security to protect your account with two-factor authentication

Logging and monitoring

The ICO platform makes it easier for you to access every relevant information with custom reports, event logging, and sales monitoring.

DDoS protection

We’ve built the ICO platform with inbuilt DDoS protection so that you don't have to pay extra for a third party service just for DDoS protection.

Document collection and verification tools

No need to depend on any third party for completing the KYC procedures for your ICO investors. The ICO platform has an easy to manage built-in KYC module


We have three different packages for you to choose from. Get started with selecting the one best suited for you.

Self Hosted

  • All features
  • No redirection
  • UI & Application rebranding (logos and basic UI branding)
  • Free application deployment in your servers
  • Supports complete UI customisation at an extra cost
  • Support custom functionality development at an extra cost
  • Full support

Snippet Model

  • Easy integration
  • Unique URL for Admin dashboard
  • Javascript snippet for integration
  • We take care of the security

API Model

  • Expose all the APIs for Admin and investor modules
  • Hosted on our servers
  • Frontend can be hosted in your own servers

How To Proceed

What are you waiting for? It wont get simpler than this.

1 Choose a Plan

Choose the best plan which suits you from Self hosted, Snippet model and API model.

2 Let us do the work

Our army of engineers will set up the ICO platform, build the customizations you want and get it ready for launch.

3 Launch your ICO

Keep calm, relax and launch your ICO. We'll be up 24/7 to support you throughout your ICO campaign.

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Ico platform for tokensale for your ico campaign

Nithin Eapen

CIO, Arcadia Crypto Ventures

We had a very tight timeline for our ICO. But still we managed to make it a success. A big thanks to Coinfactory, for providing me all the features I want under one single window. Five stars!

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