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CoinFactory is a fully compliant security and utility token issuance platform with a post-token issuance community and company management.

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Why CoinFactory?

CoinFactory is an award winning, battle-tested, fully compliant, self-hostable and ultra scalable security and utility token issuance platform. It has already been used by more than 45 ICOs and has raised a total of more than 640 million USD. It also supports token issuance in four different blockchains - Ethereum, Stellar, EOS and Tezos. CoinFactory comes with all the required marketing features to launch a successful ICO.

Also, in a time where ICOs find it difficult to raise funds, CoinFactory’s unique but optional milestone feature helps ICOs regain investors' trust. It gives legit ICOs an opportunity to differentiate themselves from the fraudulent ones and attract the right investors. CoinFactory also has a post-ICO investor management platform to facilitate multi-tier investor reporting, KPI tracking and community management.


45+ ICOs and $640M+ raised so far


Security & Utility token issuance


SEC and FCA compliant


Post ICO investor management platform


Supports milestone based funding


Supports 4 different blockchains


Accepts 16 cryptos & FIAT


Go live in 2 days!

CoinFactory Crypto Ecosystem

CoinFactory crypto ecosystem offers a wide range of products, solutions and white-label platforms

Token Issuance Platform

ICO, STO Platform

Fully compliant security and utility token issuance platform with post-token issuance community and company management.


Whitelabel Platform

Crypto Exchange

Turnkey solution for launching your own cryptocurrеncy exchange, built-in with advanced security and trading features.


Whitelabel Platform

NFT Marketplace

Launch your own NFT marketplace in a matter of days with our whitelabel NFT marketplace platform.


Whitelabel App

Crypto Wallet

Launch your crypto wallet apps, vault apps with our whitelabel platforms. Available in mobile and web apps.


Enabling The Changemakers

Enabling the changemakers to build a truly decentralized future, for all of us.

What is CoinFactory?

Explanatory video about CoinFactory.

Platform walkthrough

Video explaining the features, functionalities and dashboard of the platform.

Token purchase process in CoinFactory.

Video explaining how an investor can purchase tokens from CoinFactory powered ICOs.

Admin dashboard walkthrough

This video shows the admin dashboard walkthrough of CoinFactory’s Whitelabel NFT marketplace platform.

User dashboard demo

This video provides a detailed walkthrough of CoinFactory’s Whitelabel NFT marketplace platform.

For security and utility token issuance

Initial Coin Offering

ICO is the best option to raise funds for projects as it can offer utility for the issued tokens. Currently, fundraising through an ICO does not require any regulatory compliance.

Security Token Offering

STOs do not require the offered token to have any utility but can offer returns to the buyer. It has to be conducted in compliance with existing securities regulations defined by the jurisdiction.

Supported  Token Standards


Best in Class investor onboarding

Intuitive and user friendly dashboard for your investors to participate in your token sales and acquire tokens.

Two step token purchase

Supports 16 tokens, credit cards and bank wire transfers

Concierge services for private sales


ICO marketing in one place

The platform is built-in with marketing features required to make your ICO a big success.

Comprehensive bonus system

Referral system



Enterprise grade admin system

Built-in dashboard to easily manage your token sales activities and access handy analytics and insights

360 degree analytics

Full Customisation

Smart contract customisation and management


Fully compliant

Compliant with SEC and FCA; built-in features to support regulatory compliances.

Supports 6 different KYC providers

Accredited investor review

Investor contracts


Ongoing Projects

CoinFactory ICO Platform may well redeem ICOs from the scourge of frauds using its unique concept known as milestone contract.

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